Thursday, 6 August 2009

Call for playtesters...

We need more people to play The 7th Guest! ScummVM is aiming for it's 1.0.0 release, so we need everyone to test all games, to check that no bugs have recently been added. In particular to this blog, we (well, ST) just fixed a big bug in the music (that was present in the Win95 beta player too, but not in the DOS exe), and no-one has played through the whole game since, to make sure it didn't break anything.
So if you have a bit of time, download a daily build of ScummVM, and play through the game, looking out for bugs. If you complete it, post a comment here saying which operating system you played it on and whether you found any bugs.


FoxFireX said...

Randomly was thinking about T7G and saw this project. Just finished a playthrough on MacOS X 10.5.8, and worked pretty well. Was able to complete the game over yesterday and today. Noted a few minor things which didn't really affect playability:

* Ambient music in the Library (Lounge, whatever it's called, the room with the telescope) didn't seem to trigger. If you entered from another room, that room's music kept playing; if you went to the Sphinx (which is soundless) when you return to the Library, it is also soundless. Only when you leave does music resume.

* In the credit sequence there are quite a few pixel errors that I don't remember from playing back in the old days. Pixels missing from words, lines, and dropped elsewhere on the screen instead.

* After completing the game, I didn't see how to access Open House mode, although that may just be me forgetting a step along the way.

Overall had a blast getting to play this again, but now you've just whetted my appetite for some 11th Hour action. What's the release date for that one? :)

FoxFireX said...

Oh, one other note, there's a bug listed regarding the passageway from the pool table (Bug #2707314). I clicked the chattering teeth during my playthrough and grumbled quite loudly because I had to trek back upstairs. Seemed to work fine for me (and kind of wish it hadn't) :)

Unknown said...

Nice, thank you!
*) Re ambient music - there were some music changes, so I'll check this in the original interpreter. Could you check which ScummVM version you are using?
*) Likewise with pixels in credits. Could it be corrupt datafiles? Tho that would be unlikely to just corrupt pixels. Could you post a screenshot showing what you mean?
*) The game saves an "open house" game in the last save game slot when you complete it, so load that and you should be able to do any puzzle.

If you get time, it would be great if you could post bug reports for these:
Thanks again!