Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The future is bright

Well, for those that haven't read jvprat's comment on my previous note, the list of major problems looks a little different now:

  1. The engine is currently designed to play just one game - jvprat has committed changes that let us use two separate opcode lists. May need changes in future (apparently), but not holding us back anymore.
  2. 11H uses > 8 bit graphics (i.e. more than 256 colour images) - Well, technically this is still an issue, but we can view everything in greyscale / dithered for the time being
  3. 11H uses a completely different video format - Might need some changes later, but basically working
  4. The script opcodes have changed - The only one left, and Scott is having fun working on it. I only wish I had a bit of time to join in!

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