Sunday, 2 November 2008

Trying to get back on a rolling ball

Well, the most hectic time on The Tale of Despereaux is (probably) over, and I have a little more time. Just enough time, in fact to spend a substantial amount of this weekend installing Kubuntu 8.10, and to get pissed off at KDE 4.1 (which, despite its prettiness and everything, seems to have less features than KDE 3.5).
But I have managed to do a little on t7gre, even if it is just to fix a small regression that has been there for goodness knows how long... ever since Jordi revamped the movie player to, y'know, work properly. Shows how often we watch the intro! Well, it is ridiculously long...
And so just as I'm thinking I'll dig back into the assembly, I discover that VirtualBox, the method by which I run WinXP IDA on Linux, has stopped working. Grrr. Having re-isntalled it, it works, but my VM now BSODs on startup. I have to install Windows. AGAIN.

Calm down. Relax. Man, I wish I could afford copy of IDA for Linux...

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