Friday, 2 May 2008

Uncle Henry

Well, jvprat found an auction of what is probably* the last groovie game: Uncle Henry's Playhouse. Astonishingly, the person selling had three shrinkwrapped copies (and it doesn't look like Butterfly-ware, before anyone asks!). I had looked everywhere for this, so I was willing to pay the (quite high, but not FM-Towns high) price. There's still one copy left, if anyone wants it:
ION: I have no internet at home. Which makes work on t7gre awkward (and means I have to post this from work). But I'm getting some stuff done. Hopefully I'll get internet back start of next week, and be able to commit it.

* I say probably because we're just assuming it's a groovie engine game. Seems likely, as it is just a collection of puzzles from the earlier groovie engine games, but you never know till you see a file list!